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Welch Materials, Inc. is a professional China Wide Orifice Pipette Tips Manufacturers and Wide Orifice Pipette Tips Factory in china, It's was established in August 2003 with its headquarter are currently located in Songjiang, Shanghai. It also has production and R&D facilities in Jinhua, Zhejiang and Nanjing, Jiangsu. We also have set subsidiaries in the United States, India and Canada. We are multinational company that develops and manufactures laboratory products including Wide Orifice Pipette Tips, SPE cartridges, HPLC Column.Welch Materials, Inc. has integrated research, production, sales, and service, dedicated to become a one-stop laboratory suppliers in the world. Its products are widely used in industries such as biomedicine, food safety testing, environmental monitoring, and fine chemicals, which are essential to people's livelihood. By implementing rigorous quality inspection processes and adhering to strict standards, the company ensures that every product produced is compliant, meeting the highest laboratory requirements.
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A wide orifice pipette tip, also known as a wide bore orifice tip, is a type of pipette tip with a larger opening compared to standard pipette tips. It is designed to accommodate viscous or dense liquids that may be difficult to pipette using regular tips.

The wide orifice pipette tip is especially useful when working with samples that contain particles, such as cells or beads, or substances that tend to clump or have high viscosity. The larger opening allows for easier pipetting and prevents clogging or blockage that can occur with narrower tips.

These tips are commonly used in molecular biology, cell culture, genomics, and other laboratory applications where precise and efficient transfer of liquids is necessary. They are available in various sizes to fit different pipettes and can be used with both single-channel and multi-channel pipettes.

It's important to note that when using wide orifice pipette tips, the pipetting technique may need to be adjusted slightly due to the larger opening. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations for proper usage of the specific pipette and tip combination.

Using a wide orifice pipette tip offers several benefits in laboratory applications. Here are some advantages of using wide orifice pipette tips:
1.Enhanced Sample Recovery: Wide orifice pipette tips allow for improved sample recovery due to their larger opening. The larger orifice size reduces surface tension effects and minimizes sample retention within the tip, ensuring more accurate and efficient transfer of liquids.
2.Reduced Sample Contamination: The wider opening of the pipette tip reduces the chances of cross-contamination between samples. It minimizes the risk of carryover or residual traces of previous samples, especially when handling viscous or sticky substances.
4.Compatibility with Viscous Liquids: Wide orifice pipette tips are particularly useful when working with high-viscosity liquids, such as oils, gels, or certain biological samples. The larger opening facilitates the pipetting of these samples, allowing for easier and more precise transfer without clogging or excessive resistance.
5.Ease of Pipetting: The wider orifice makes it easier to load and eject samples. It provides a larger target for the pipette to aim at, allowing for more accurate and hassle-free pipetting. This can be particularly advantageous when working with small volumes or when using automated liquid handling systems.
6.Reduced Tip Shearing: Some applications require the pipetting of delicate samples, such as cells or enzymes, where shear forces can be detrimental. Wide orifice pipette tips help minimize shear stress on sensitive samples by reducing the velocity and turbulence of liquid flow during pipetting.
7.Time Savings: Wide orifice pipette tips can save time during pipetting tasks. The larger opening allows for faster and more efficient aspiration and dispensing of liquids, reducing the overall pipetting time. This can be especially beneficial when processing large numbers of samples or when time is a critical factor.
8.Compatibility with Various Pipette Models: Wide orifice pipette tips are designed to be compatible with a wide range of pipette models from different manufacturers. They can be easily interchanged with standard pipette tips, providing flexibility and convenience in the laboratory.

It's worth noting that the specific benefits of wide orifice pipette tips may vary depending on the application and the type of samples being handled. However, in general, their advantages lie in improved sample recovery, reduced contamination, compatibility with viscous liquids, ease of pipetting, reduced tip shearing, time savings, and broader compatibility with different pipette models.