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Welch Materials, Inc. is a professional China Open Trons Pipette Tips Manufacturers and Open Trons Pipette Tips Factory in china, It's was established in August 2003 with its headquarter are currently located in Songjiang, Shanghai. It also has production and R&D facilities in Jinhua, Zhejiang and Nanjing, Jiangsu. We also have set subsidiaries in the United States, India and Canada. We are multinational company that develops and manufactures laboratory products including Open Trons Pipette Tips, SPE cartridges, HPLC Column.Welch Materials, Inc. has integrated research, production, sales, and service, dedicated to become a one-stop laboratory suppliers in the world. Its products are widely used in industries such as biomedicine, food safety testing, environmental monitoring, and fine chemicals, which are essential to people's livelihood. By implementing rigorous quality inspection processes and adhering to strict standards, the company ensures that every product produced is compliant, meeting the highest laboratory requirements.
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The OpenTrons Pipette Tip is a disposable plastic tip that is designed to be used with OpenTrons liquid-handling robots. These robots are used in various laboratory applications, such as DNA sequencing, drug discovery, and biotechnology research.

The pipette tip is an essential component of the liquid-handling system. It is attached to the pipette, which is a device used to accurately measure and transfer liquid volumes. The tip serves as a barrier between the sample being transferred and the pipette, preventing cross-contamination between different samples.

The OpenTrons Pipette Tips come in different sizes to accommodate different liquid volumes. They are manufactured to meet high standards of quality and precision to ensure accurate and reliable results in scientific experiments.

To use the Open Trons Pipette Tip, follow these steps:
1.Prepare your pipette: Make sure your pipette is clean and in good working condition. Check that the tip ejector is functioning properly.
2.Select the appropriate tip: Choose a pipette tip that matches the volume you intend to pipette. Open Trons provides a range of tip sizes for different applications.
3.Attach the tip: Hold the pipette in a vertical position with the tip facing upwards. Align the tip with the nozzle of the pipette, ensuring it fits securely. Push the tip gently until it clicks into place.
4.Check the tip attachment: After attaching the tip, visually inspect it to ensure it is firmly attached. Verify that there are no gaps or loose connections between the pipette and the tip.
5.Dispense any excess liquid: Before aspirating any liquid, pipette a few microliters of the desired liquid and discard it to wet the tip. This helps to ensure accurate and consistent pipetting.
6.Aspirate the liquid: Immerse the pipette tip into the liquid sample. Depress the plunger slightly to the first stop, then immerse the tip deeper into the liquid while continuing to hold the plunger down.
7.Adjust the volume: While the tip is immersed, adjust the volume setting on the pipette to the desired volume for pipetting. Make sure the volume is appropriate for the tip you have chosen.
8.Pipette the liquid: Slowly release the plunger to its original position, allowing the liquid to be drawn into the tip. Ensure that the tip remains fully submerged in the liquid during aspiration.
9.Transfer the liquid: Move the pipette to the desired location, such as a microplate well or a test tube. Depress the plunger fully to the second stop to dispense the liquid. Hold the plunger down momentarily to ensure complete transfer.
10.Eject the tip: Once you have dispensed the liquid, remove the pipette from the container. Press the tip ejector button or lever to release the used tip. The tip should be safely discarded in a proper waste container.

Remember to follow good pipetting practices, such as using a slow and steady motion, avoiding air bubbles in the tip, and keeping the pipette and tips clean to prevent cross-contamination. Always refer to the specific instructions provided by Open Trons for your pipette model for any additional guidelines or recommendations.